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Technical Properties Product: mix of N2 and O2
Relative density (air = 1): 1
Aspect: colourless gas
Odour: odourless gas
Limit of flammability: not applicable

Technical properties

Air is used in the following applications:

  • respiration
  • gas chromatography
  • atomic absorption
  • zero gas in instrument calibration.
Air is an oxidant gas which supports combustion.
To avoid harmful effects, producers and customers should follow strict safety guidelines for storage and handling, and consult our air Material Safety Data Sheet.
Air is taken from the atmosphere via an aspiration system. It is then filtered and purified so that it is ready to fill cylinders and to be delivered to our customers.

Air supply options and services available to SIAD customers include:

  • transport in cylinders and packs of cylinders
  • design and installation of gas distribution systems
  • supply of equipment for the correct use of the gas
  • assistance and technical consultancy for the transport, distribution and application of the gas.

Air can also be supplied:

  • in special and in calibration mixtures with different composition upon request.

Supply modes