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Technical Properties
Product: ammonia
Chemical formula: NH3
Purity level: ≥ 99.7%
Relative density (air = 1): 0.597
Aspect: colourless gas
Odour: pungent
Limit of flammability in air: 15 ÷ 28 %
Other properties: toxic, corrosive.

Technical properties

Ammonia is used in diverse applications covering a number of industries, including:

  • metallurgy: as carrier of H2 for heat treatment
  • the chemical industry: as a chemical reagent to produce nitric acid, polyamides, fertilisers
  • refrigeration: as a refrigerant because of its high latent temperature of evaporation
  • the electronics industry: as a process gas in manufacturing of semiconductor devices.
Ammonia attacks eyes, lungs and skin. Furthermore, it is toxic when inhaled.
To avoid these harmful effects, producers and customers should follow strict safety guidelines for storage and handling, and consult our ammonia Material Safety Data Sheet.
Ammonia production is based on the reaction of nitrogen with hydrogen.
This reaction occurs in the presence of a catalyst, which is typically a ternary iron oxide-based compound, at a temperature of between 450°C and 650°C.

Ammonia supply options and services available to SIAD customers include:

  • transport in cylinders and tanks
  • design and installation of gas distribution systems
  • supply of equipment for the correct use of the gas
  • assistance and technical consultancy for the transport, distribution and application of the gas.

Ammonia can also be supplied:

  • with 5.5 grade purity
  • in special and in calibration mixtures with different composition upon request.

Supply modes