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Atmospherics gases

Atmospheric/purge gases are used for purging certain processing systems and equipment when a semiconductor manufacturer is concerned about possible back-contamination of the house purge lines.

SIAD provides a full range of atmospheric gases.

Nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, argon and helium are supplied to semiconductor manufacturers in cylinders as well as in larger - bulk - quantities. Some processes, such as sputtering, require only small volumes of gas, making single-cylinder usage of argon, for example, more economical. Sputtering technology requires running the process under vacuum conditions and accelerating argon ions in an electric field.
Through physical bombardment, the argon ions knock atomic or molecular clusters off the surface of a solid target. Ejected material is deposited onto the wafer and the sputtering chamber walls.

Other uses of atmospheric gases include:

  • helium for backside cooling
  • hydrogen for metal annealing
  • oxygen for etching polymers
  • fluorocarbons, for etching silicon dioxide and silicon nitride.

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