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Carbonation of water - beer

Carbonation of water - beer

Premix Drink Dispensing Equipment 

These are pieces of equipment designed to dispense Premix drinks such as beer, wine or carbonated drinks, stored in stainless steel kegs of differing types and volumes.
Thanks to the use of iSpring CO2 in 1.4 litre cylinders, no external connection other than mains electricity is needed; this due to the reduced size and ease of connection to the cylinder.
By using this system there are no tubes or cylinders to store away remotely with obvious improvements both from the aesthetic and operational points of view.

Dual Concept Homepub 

Based on the experience of an Italian multinational which produces household appliances in the refrigeration sector, a product has been developed combining quality with design, innovation with simplicity.

A special gadget installed on the door of the fridge, guarantees the pleasure of drinking fresh beer, by dispensing it directly from one’s own household appliance at any time of the day.