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Cryogenic spiral freezers

Cryogenic spiral freezers are versatile, high-capacity systems which can quickly chill, crust and full freeze a wide range of foods. Control options permit everything from the slow-freezing of bakery goods to the fast-freezing of chicken pieces.
Cryogenic spiral freezers include a unique centre cage fan. This reduces temperature variations and ensures uniform freezing. A specially designed airlock system also minimises air infiltration.
Cryogenic spiral freezers are capable of freezing a wide variety of products in a minimum amount of floor space. This system is ideal for high-volume food-freezing operations, which include:

  • thick meat cuts
  • poultry pieces
  • bakery products
  • hamburger patties
  • fish fillets
  • trayed entrees
  • pasta and pizza

The product moves through the freezer on a continuous spiral conveyor belt where internal freezer temperature can reach as low as -130°F (-90°C). High-velocity liquid nitrogen, injected into the freezer, contacts the product for optimum heat transfer and the patented centre cage fan circulates the cryogen through all tiers in the spiral for efficient and uniform cooling. In addition, an automatic vapour balance system at the conveyor entrance and exit prevents warm room air from entering the freezer. This conserves cryogen and optimizes freezer performance.