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BPD Biocidal Products Directive

SIAD is registering Ethylene Oxide as a type 2 biocidal product, namely:

Type 2 product  : Disinfectants for private and public health areas and other biocides. Products used for the disinfection of the air, surfaces, materials, equipment and furniture, which are not used in direct contact with food for human or animal consumption in private, public and industrial areas, including hospitals, as well as products used as algaecides.

Sectors of use include, inter alia, swimming pools, aquariums, bathing and other waters; air conditioning systems; walls and floors in health and other institutions; chemical toilets, waste water, hospital waste, soil or other substrates (in playing fields).

The dossier was sent in the month of November 2009 to the Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency (www.klif.no). The dossier was approved for its completeness and sent to the 27 Member States in April 2010 for a subsequent in-depth evaluation. It is believed that the assessment by the competent authority (CAR), will not be published within the next 12 months.

Update 13 June 2012