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Site services

Among the major groups operating in the industrial gases sector, SIAD has for years been a reliable partner for site construction companies, thanks both to the diversification in our product portfolio and the increased availability of cylinders and widespread network throughout the region, capable of satisfying all requirements.
The STARGAS® welding mixes, result of research and over 90 years' experience in customer-focused operations, are especially developed in relation to individual welding projects.
Besides gases and mixes, SIAD offers a range of exclusive products and services, specifically dedicated to construction sites with the goal of eliminating the bottleneck of redundant and unproductive practices that can slow down site activities and increase operating costs.

  • Single point of reference at national level
    SIAD provides a single point of contact for all the sites belonging to a particular company, with centralised purchasing decisions. Individual site supervisors do not have to worry about finding suppliers of gas and welding materials locally or having to personally negotiate prices and delivery terms, resulting in multiple negotiations and orders with different conditions for each site. This means one single order can be issued (in comparison to numerous smaller fragmented orders) with identical conditions for all the sites.
  • Monitoring the cylinders
    The service offered exclusively by SIAD arranges to send the client a monthly statement of the cylinders supplied, sub-divided by site. The customer thus has the opportunity to monitor its cylinder situation monthly, not just upon closure of the site and to take corrective action, as in cases of loss, to immediately resolve any critical issues and avoid incurring additional unanticipated costs at the conclusion of works. This results in greater transparency and savings on rental terms.
  • Time-saving administration
    Supply at a national level allows the customer to streamline its administrative management and obtain a competitive price. The summary invoice will also be accompanied by the consumption per individual site including copies of delivery documents. Therefore, the customer will receive a single summary document, from which it will be able to detect single order amounts.

To find out the details of all the services offered to sites, please consult the catalogue.

Site services