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iSpring cylinders are made out of aluminium for food use. The screw valve is a brass, residual pressure valve. These materials guarantee maximum safety in food hygiene terms given the type of gas being used (food quality carbon dioxide E290).

Single use iron cylinders are, on the other hand, prone to internal corrosion (with consequent emissions of ferrous substances) when there is an inflow of humidity onto the inside of the cylinder, due to the absence of a retention spring. 

Apart from providing a binding guarantee to the consumer in hygiene terms, the cylinder packaging certifies faithful compliance with H.A.C.C.P. norms - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (art. 3 D.L. 155 of 26th May 1977 states that the person running a food production business must identify each phase of his own activity which might be critical for the safety of foodstuffs and must guarantee that adequate safety procedures are applied, maintained and updated).

The typology of the gas contained therein and precautions for its use in Italian, French, English, Spanish, Dutch and German appear on the packaging. Labelling on the cylinders, obligatory by law, details the regulations pertaining to the use of H2O Spring cylinders in several languages, in relation to the typology of the gas contained in them.

Labelling carries the freephone number to ring for information, clarification, any doubts and to be able to determine the closest replenishment centre to the location of the person in possession of the iSpring cylinder.


  • chrome plated brass connection nut, complete with dedicated foodstuff gasket for the conversion of a supplied pressure reducer from a disposable cylinder to an iSpring cylinder;
  • pressure reducer 8500nL/h ACME21 - 6/4.0 bar frontal/radial gauge with revolving gas release of 4/6mm.