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Biological processes and bio-monitoring

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Biological processes and bio-monitoring

Our offer to public bodies and private clients alike includes the following services.

Integrated management of the wastewater depuration process.

  • Feasibility studies with laboratory tests and on-site experiments.
  • Analytical support (chemico-physical).
  • Analysis of the biomass, microfauna and filamentous bacteria in active sludge and in biofilms (via direct or epifluorescence microscopy).
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of depurative processes.
  • Evaluation and identification of the bioaerosols.

Qualitative/Quantitative microbiological evaluation

  • Tests to determine quality of the water and fitness for drinking.
  • Effectiveness of the disinfection processes.
  • Compressed gases.
  • Hygiene management of indoor air and surfaces.

Toxicity tests on environmental samples

  • Battery toxicity tests.

Studies of the metabolic activity of bacterial communities

  • Evaluation of the degrading power of native bacterial communities by setting up microcosms in laboratory environment.