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The automotive sector is one of the heavyweights in the world economy. The search to produce lighter and lower polluting vehicles places the onus on manufacturers and their suppliers to invest in and research products and technologies capable of guaranteeing safety and durability, but at the same time, from the point of view of costs, to remain competitive with emerging markets.

Thanks to 80 years’ experience in the welding and cutting sectors, SIAD today works alongside the market leaders in the sector, supporting them with a complete offer of gases, accessories, machinery and services. 

From the chassis to the framework down to the detail of the engine, SIAD gases and technologies can bring a series of benefits, to both the vehicle manufacturer and the end user, which include welding of the highest quality and a better, longer –lasting, finish in cleaner environments and with reduced operational costs.

The processes used in the automotive sector are:

Apart from gas products, SIAD today offers a complete range of materials and accessoriesfor cutting and welding, gas centralization and even, through its own partners, automated welding and cutting plants. The SIAD offer provides, furthermore, services such as theory and practical training courses, covering all requirements.