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Ground BiO2®

The SIAD Laboratory of Environmental Biology and Chemistry has developed and patented a technology of pure oxygen micro-injection Ground BiO2® or mixed with inert gases Ground Mix®, for the remediation of ground water.

Dissolved oxygen allows, in fact, the stimulation of the aerobic biological processes of the dissolved organic contamination in the aquifer, by the indigenous microorganisms (bioremediation).

It is an in-situ treatment which promotes the biodegradation directly in the aquifer, excluding thus the volatilization phenomena of contaminants.

From the point of view of plant engineering, furthermore, the system is very compact, reducing the impact on the site to be reclaimed.


  • easy to install and manage;
  • does not required electricity;
  • lack of waste production;
  • absence of stripping phenomena;
  • underground installation in individual wells;
  • oxygen installation on ground level in the rack configuration;
  • chance to install and manage the system in operating sites.

The application of a bioremediation requires a prior and precise assessment of its feasibility. The analytical service offered by SIAD Laboratory is highly specialized and is useful in all the steps of the remediation:

  • choice of the technology to be used;
  • feasibility test;
  • evaluation of remediation effectiveness.

The tracer gases

In order to achieve a correct remediation systems design, SIAD offers the application of noble gases as tracers to characterize the matrix of the subsurface.

Specifically, Ground Mix, used for sizing the systems of gas diffusion in aquifer, uses pure oxygen with tracers gases to define the radius of influence of the pure oxygen technology. Ground Spy® uses mixtures of noble gases to evaluate the range of influence of other remediation technologies.

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