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Oxygen and Ozone
The main environmental application of oxygen is the treatment of wastewaters in activated sludge plants, for the activation of a biomass capable of destroying the dissolved contaminants (MIXFLO®system); oxygen is also used for waste incineration. Ozone, produced from pure oxygen, is used in tap and waste water treatment, especially for very hard to purify waste water.

Carbon dioxide
Carbon dioxide is used in the environmental field for pH control of wastewaters.
Moreover, through Aquafreed® technology, which SIAD is the exclusive patent licensee in Italy of, gaseous and liquid carbon dioxide is utilised for the regeneration of water wells.
Solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) is also used for the cryocleaning technology.

Liquid nitrogen is used for cryogenically grinding used tyres and scrap rubber.
Nitrogen is also used for the treatment of gaseous stream in cryocondensation and activated carbon adsorption technologies.

Mixtures for environmental monitoring
These are gaseous mixtures used for the calibration of laboratory instrumentations, which allow to analyse samples of unknown substances, by identifying their nature and quantity.
The extremely precision of those mixtures assures the referability and, then, the certainty of the measurements. This is essential in the environmental monitoring, as the validity of the measures done guarantees the high quality standards required.
Those mixtures are used for monitoring the emissions into the atmosphere, for controlling automotive emissions and also for workplace monitoring.
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