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Ultra pure oxygen for Healthcare and gas for the Pharmaceutical and Food&Beverage chain: Osio Sopra plant always operative

05 May 2020

SIAD_stabilimento_osio_sopra_produzione_primariaA control room, operating 24 hours a day, and three specialists per shift in charge to keep production running day and night. At the SIAD plant in Osio Sopra, during the Covid-19 emergency weeks, the process has never been interrupted, making it possible to produce both the medicinal oxygen for the treatment units and the other gases necessary for the supply chain, in particular for the industrial sectors of essential goods and services. Marco Maffei, Head of the bulk department and primary production of medicinal gases, describes the challenge faced by coordinating the activities with his colleague Stefano Mora.

"At the Osio Sopra plant, during the month of March and the weeks of maximum emergency, we kept the main plant active thanks to the availability of the operators who ensured the coverage of the three shifts, fundamental to not interrupt the process.  This process takes place through the suction of air and the fractionation of the gases that make it up, i.e. argon, nitrogen and oxygen. This technology, equipped with compressors with latest generation engines that optimize energy consumption and, therefore, reduce the inputs at the source, allows us to produce an oxygen of high purity, with values well above 99.5% as indicated by the Official Pharmacopoeia relating to medicinal oxygen.

The product is of the highest quality already in the exit phase from the air fractionation columns, but in order to guarantee this standard of purity, it is then subjected to further testing before distribution. Delivery can take place either in liquid form, through the tanks that supply the main treatment centres, or in gaseous form, through cylinders and cylinder packs intended for healthcare facilities and home therapies. From the same "control room", the plants for the production of oxygen, nitrogen and argon, but also the production of hydrogen and carbon dioxide, are managed.

During the emergency, in fact, we also guaranteed the supply of all those realities that continued production because they were part of the essential activities, for example the food and pharmaceutical industry. If technology has a fundamental role, man's competence is even higher: from the control room, three operators per shift govern the entire process, in every phase, allowing further optimization of the "machine".

In recent weeks, our specialists have always acted with a spirit of responsibility and sacrifice, giving constant willingness to work, wearing personal protective equipment and respecting the rules for dealing with emergencies, in a constantly sanitized environment, without ever having anything to complain about and without ever backing out".