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VITO NEXT: the best investment for great results, today and tomorrow

12 May 2020
Thanks to the close and constant collaboration between the technicians and engineers with the Research & Development Department at SIAD Macchine Impianti (SIAD MI), they have successfully created and developed new solutions and components for the entire range of VITO oil-free, piston air compressors. There has also been valuable input from many customers. The result is an enhanced product in terms of efficiency, reliability, longer lasting components, reduced maintenance costs and adaptability to harsher ambient conditions. These improvements have resulted in the new generation “VITO NEXT” Compressor.


The features of this new VITO generation include:

  1. Greater efficiency
    • the efficiency of the condensation separators has been largely improved by a new design that eliminates traces of carry-over and guarantees conditions with air treatment to ensure dry, oil-free air with an extremely low dew point.
    • the cylinder cooling system has also been improved: the water-flow is optimized and is based on the ambient conditions in which the installation is located.
  2. Extended lifetime
    • use for the cylinders of improved materials, perfectly resistant to corrosion, which prolong the product’s lifetime and reduce wear and tear (instead of the protective film treatment currently universally used).
  3. Greater reliability and improved performance
    • the mechanical and structural resistance to vibrations of the components installed in each compressor has been considerably increased, thanks to a new and stronger design of the base-plate and the redesign of components including : suction filters, transmission unit protection, pipe fastening systems etc.
  4. New optional features to enhance performance
    • Our “Lower-noise Package”: the level of noise has been optimized thanks to a new and highly efficient filter-silencer unit for suction.
    • Our “Low Vibration Skid”: the stability of the compressor has been increased thanks to the new design that makes the base more robust and includes a greater number of anti-vibration elements. This results in a reduction of the vibrations in the compressor as well as a reduction of the specific static weight on the supporting surface. This optional feature is recommended in certain demanding conditions, as, for example, in the case of installations on elevated floors.

The development team at SIAD MI has created innovative solutions for implementing the improvements required to make the VITO range of PET and PLA compressors even more productive and reliable - and therefore of even greater advantage to users.

VITO NEXT : the best investment for great results, today and tomorrow.