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Specialty, pure and very pure gases, mixtures

Specialty, pure and very pure gases, mixtures

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Specialty gases

Thanks to the experience and expertise of its laboratories, SIAD has been manufacturing and marketing specialty gases in Italy and Europe for over 90 years, becoming a benchmark in the sector. Thanks to their properties, our specialty gases are able to increase yield, optimize performance and reduce costs. They are also used in numerous markets: pharmaceutical, petrochemical, environmental or electronic sectors.

The SIAD specialty gases include high purity and very high purity gases, noble gases and gas mixtures produced by SIAD certified laboratories:

  • the high purity SIAD gases are specialty gases that can reach a purity up to 99.9999% (6.0) and chemical and physical characteristics constant over time. The high purity gases produced by SIAD are mainly intended for laboratories and industry: the production and analysis methods followed for their preparation ensure maximum repeatability of the results during use;

  • the main SIAD noble gases are krypton, neon and xenon, named in this way for their presence in the earth's atmosphere in very small percentages. SIAD noble gases play an important role in many industries, such as the production of lamps and lighting systems, medical imaging, etc;

  • SIAD is also a leader in the supply of gas mixtures used in the most diverse industrial and research areas. This type of specialty gas is produced by the Special Research and Gas Laboratories based on strict safety, quality and precision standards. SIAD is a leader in the production of calibration mixtures, but also sells numerous other mixtures for the most varied industrial applications: sterilizing mixtures, laser mixtures, biological mixtures, lighting mixtures, mixtures for diving, for de-aeration, for the metallurgical and electronic industry.

SIAD has obtained the certification for specialty gases according to ISO 9001 quality system in June 1994. Subsequently this certification was gradually extended to all sectors and to all production sites. Since December 2001 SIAD has been accredited as LAT Center No. 143 for the production of calibrated gas mixtures in accordance with the international ISO-17025 standard. Furthermore, the laboratory is accredited as Reference Materials Producer RMP No. 143. The mixtures produced and the calibrations carried out by the SIAD LAT Center refer to the samples of the International System and therefore have an international value.

SIAD also offers LIGHTCYL cylinders. Where there is a need for small quantities of gas and at the same time to have the guarantee of the purity dispensed or the accuracy of the certification of a gas mixture, the SIAD LIGHTCYL disposable cans are the ideal solution.