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Noble Gases

The noble gases marketed by SIAD are produced by the fractional distillation of liquid air and are present in the atmosphere in very small percentages.

SIAD supplies noble gases in high pressure cylinders with different capacities and in disposable 1 or 1.6 liter cans.

SIAD noble gases applications

The noble gases supplied by SIAD are:

  • KRIPTON: one of the major applications of krypton is its use in the glass industry for the construction of thermally insulated windows. The use of krypton in thermal windows (in replacement of air and argon) improves energy efficiency. For this application SIAD is able to prepare mixtures containing krypton and/or xenon in an argon atmosphere, guaranteeing extreme levels of precision and stability, as well as high quality. Krypton is also used in the laser industry. It is sometimes used in halogen headlights, which thanks to it are able to produce a double amount of light compared to traditional headlights.

  • NEON: traditionally known as filling gas for colored advertising signs, neon is also used for other uses such as optical indicators, voltage stabilizers and lasers. Together with other noble gases, it also widely employed in special fluorescent lamps

  • XENON: Xenon is mainly used in incandescent lighting: with the same unit of light output it allows to use less energy than a normal incandescent lamp.  Together with krypton it is also used in the glass industry as an insulating gas.

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