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Supply modes

SIAD industrial gases are provided in gaseous and liquid form through a variety of supply systems, including:
  • cylinders, bundles of cylinders, tube trailers and cylinder trailers for gaseous supply ;
  • bulk liquid deliveries via tank truck and liquid containers for liquid supply;
  • pipelines for gaseous supply.
Also available:
  • big steel cylinders for HCFC, ammonia and propane;
  • big stainless steel cylinders for ethylene oxide;
  • tube containers for compressed gases and acetylene;
  • tube trailers for hydrogen (4,500 - 4,750 m3 capacity).
As an alternative to traditional bulk gas and liquid supplied from a nearby production plant,SIAD Macchine Impianti designs, builds, installs and oversees start-up, all over the world, of on-site systems for the production of industrial gases.
Cylinder characteristics
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Containers for large supplies