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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance Service

The technical assistance service plays a fundamental part in supporting SIAD’s manufacturing activities and markets.

The size and complexity of the manufacturing plants, the number and sensitivity of equipment installed on customers' premises and the continued development of the firm's commercial activities has brought about the introduction of an organisational structure dedicated to Technical Assistance, which deals with:

  • maintenance, renovation and innovation of plant and equipment in the firm's manufacturing units
  • design and installation of gas storage, distribution and utilisation plants on customers' premises
  • installation on-site of gas production plants
  • after-sales service for installed plants.

The Technical Assistance Service centres its activity on the following types of plant:

  • plant and equipment for the use of cryogenic gases
  • distribution centres for the use of gas on customers' premises
  • gas cylinder filling stations at the group's production units
  • pipelines for the direct distribution of industrial gases