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SIAD Austria GmbH, formerly known as SIAD VTG (Vertrieb technischer Gase, distributer of industrial gases), was founded in Vienna in 1989.
In 1995, due to the ever-growing number of customers and increasing demand for our products and services, we built a filling plant for industrial gases and specialty gases in St. Pantaleon, Upper Austria.
We produce all our industrial and welding gases, as well as food and laser gases at this site. In our laboratory, which is equipped with the latest analysis and measuring equipment, we produce the widest variety of test, calibration and laboratory gases to customer order.
To ensure a fast and cost-efficient delivery to our customers, our distribution network is continually expanding with delivery points and new distribution centers. This proximity to the end user, our commitment to quality and the impeccable supply to our business partners with new solutions from all sectors of the industry, ensure the success and growth of SIAD Austria GmbH and our customers in a complex and demanding market.
SIAD Austria GmbH guarantees you a fast and efficient service, delivering all this and more:

• Industrial gases

• Welding insert gas mixtures

• Gases for the food and beverage industry

• Specialty gases

• Laser gases

• Medical gases

• Machines and equipment

• Heat-regulation methods

• Waste water treatment systems (MIXFLO®)

• Neutralization of waste water

• Cryo-refining systems

• Thermal treatment methods.