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SIAD in Slovakia

SIAD S.p.A. entered the Slovak market through a representative office back in 1996, when it started selling speciality gases, gases for electronics and calibration mixtures. Shortly afterwards it started to sell technical gases for welding and cutting metals, the food industry, the chemical industry and metallurgy. Our participation in and share of the Slovak market increased over time. These activities led to the establishment on 11 May 1998 of a subsidiary, SIAD SG Technické plyny spol. s r.o. The name of the company was changed to SIAD Slovakia spol. s r.o. on 15 November 2002.

Due to the constantly growing number of customers and the associated growth in demand for products and services, a production plant was put into operation in Braňany u Mostu in 1998 containing a technical gases filling station, a unit for the production and filling of acetylene, and the necessary technical and administrative facilities.

In the following years, the launching into operation of a filling station for cylinders and racks of cylinders, a dry ice generator and an oxygen plant in Rajhradice u Brna was of great importance for the further expansion of the company in the technical and medical gas market in the Slovak market and in south-eastern Europe.

At present, SIAD Slovakia spol. s r.o. supplies a full range of technical, medical and speciality gases, liquid gases, gas mixtures, laser mixtures, auxiliary equipment and welding materials and accessories, installs liquid gas storage tanks, mixing equipment, oxygen burners and technological units, and provides advisory and consultancy services in all areas of application. The company currently operates in 40 sales warehouses and has more than 5,000 active customers in the Slovak Republic.