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Halocarbon 116

Halocarbon 116, C2F6, (hexafluoroethane) is a colourless, nonflammable gas shipped as a nonliquefied gas at its vapour pressure of 430 psig (2,965 kPa) at 70°F (21°C).

A particularly versatile etchant for many substrates, halocarbon 116 can be used for selectively etching polysilicon versus SiO2.
Metal silicides and oxides are selectively etched versus their metal substrates, and photoresist stripping has been accomplished with added O2.
With its low F-to-C ratio, C2F6 is also used for the selective etching of SiO2 over silicon.

Materials Compatibility
Metals: Brass; Stainless Steel; Carbon Steel; Aluminum; Zinc; Copper; Monel.
Plastics: Kel-F; PTFE, FEP, and PFA Fluoropolymers resins; Tefzel; PVDF.
Elastomers: Viton; Buna-N; Neoprene; Polyurethane.

Technical Properties
Molecular Weight: 138.01
Specific Gravity (Air=1): 4.8
Odour: Slightly Ether-Like
CAS Registry No.: 76-16-4