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Industrial gases and related technologies play a key role in the manufacture of many components that make up a passenger car or a truck. And the growth of the automotive industry is revving up consumption of argon, nitrogen, oxygen, helium and specialty gases such as dichlorosilane which are used for auto-related materials and parts production. SIAD’s offer to the automotive industry includes:

  • a complete range of gases and technologies for welding and cutting
  • environmental calibration gas mixtures, zero gases, and related support gases for motor vehicle manufacturers (emissions certification)
  • nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, and the related technologies to produce and refine metals, used in several components in vehicles
  • hydrogen to create cleaner, reformulated fuels for vehicles
  • liquid nitrogen quickly freezes tyres and other rubber waste so that they can be ground down and recycled into asphalt paving and moulded rubber products
  • rare gases, xenon, neon and krypton, to provide technologically advanced headlamps and auto glass
  • SECUR PNEUS®, an inert gas mixture created by SIAD to inflate tyres.