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Glass applications in the automotive industry

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Glass applications in the automotive industry

Auto-lamp manufacturers use krypton, xenon and neon to make high-quality lights for bright, long-lasting performance. A vacuum is created, then backfilled with inert gas. Argon is used for many car-light applications.

Same as for headlights detailed above, except for the "cyclops" middle brake light in the centre rear of newer cars, which gets its red "warning" glow from neon.

Glass manufacturers use nitrogen and hydrogen in their float-glass furnaces, which produce flat sheets of very clear and strong glass. New oxygen-burner technologies melt glass more efficiently and with fewer emissions.

Safety glass is two layers of glass made shatterproof with a layer of plastic in-between them. Nitrogen blankets the two sheets as they are heated for bonding, so that if there is an accident, shards of sharp glass don't go flying.