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Metal fabrication in the automotive industry

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Metal fabrication in the automotive industry

Assembly plants use argon and carbon dioxide to weld auto bodies. In addition welding argon is used to make the frame and suspension-system components. Helium is occasionally used to weld stainless steel (though it is more expensive) because it provides better appearance, weld speed and penetration.

Argon is used to weld surrounding frames and supports. Radiators are tested for leaks using helium.

Welding gases are used to weld subassemblies (steel frames that support the steering-wheel column, glove compartment and other components) for dashboards. This MIG welding process uses argon and carbon dioxide shielding-gases which dramatically reduce costs, improve weld quality, lower fume levels and increase productivity.

Seat frames are welded together using argon and carbon dioxide shielding gas technology.