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Metal production in automotive manufacturing

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Metal production in automotive manufacturing

Steelmakers use hydrogen and nitrogen in annealing furnaces to strengthen and improve malleability of the steel. They use oxygen to melt scrap, refine the steel and heat the furnaces which reheat steel slabs.

To increase engine strength, performance and durability, vehicle manufacturers use nitrogen for carburizing, annealing, hardening, brazing and other special heat-treating processes.

Nitrogen is used by radiator manufacturers to braze tubes so joints are watertight.

Car makers need nitrogen-based atmosphere systems to heat-treat high-strength bolts and other fasteners such as screws and clips. These atmospheres provide simplicity, flexibility and the reliability not found in generated atmospheres, resulting in improved part quality.

Oxygen is used for silver-brazing roofline joints: with the aerodynamic look of today's cars, it is important to get the proper finish at the point where the roof joins the body.

Hydrogen is used in the sintering process of metal buckle parts.

Nitrogen and hydrogen are used during production of sparkplugs, heat-treating them so that the ceramic insulator bonds to the metal. They also end up cleaner and brighter.