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A wide range of industrial gases are required in the manufacture of many of the parts and materials needed by the automotive industry. SIAD products can significantly improve quality, reduce waste, boost productivity and benefit the environment.

Nitrogen is used:

  • in heat-treating processes to strengthen and improve the malleability of steel
  • to blanket auto paint storage tanks and chemicals used in the production of car upholstery
  • as a propellant to shoot plastic into the mould ("reinforced reaction injection moulding") for plastic bumpers and fascia
  • to create flat glass and safety glass
  • for the cryogenic grinding of tyres.

Oxygen is used:

  • to melt scrap, refine steel and heat the furnaces that reheat steel slabs
  • to make ethylene oxide, which is then changed into ethylene glycol - the main component in anti-freeze.

Helium is used to leak-test the radiator and torque converter.

Hydrogen is used:

  • in annealing furnaces to produce steel
  • during production of sparkplugs, for heat-treating them, so that the ceramic insulator bonds to the metal and they also end up cleaner and brighter
  • to create cleaner, reformulated fuels for vehicles.

Argon is used:

  • to weld auto bodies, as well as their surrounding frames and supports
  • for many car-light applications
  • to make air bags for the USA and European car markets.

Rare Gases
Krypton, xenon and neon are used by auto lamp-makers to make high-quality lights for bright, long-lasting performance.

The latest innovation in automotive headlamps is the arc-discharge headlamp.

Specialty Gases
SIAD offers a broad range of environmental calibration gas mixtures , zero gases and analytical support gases used in the monitoring and testing of vehicle emissions.