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The inertization of reactors, storage tanks and pipes is an efficient system for preventing the formation of potentially explosive atmospheres and involves diluting combustive agents (oxygen present in the air) with inert gases such as nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide.
The most recent regulation is Legislative Decree nr 233 of 12.06.2003, which pertains to the safety of workers at risk of exposure to explosive atmospheres and which, in “point I”, places the duty for the prevention of the formation of explosive gas mixtures squarely with the employer.
The use of inert gases, particularly nitrogen, in plants where combustible products are present, guarantees safety and satisfies current legal norms and regulations.
SIAD, in fact, offers an ATEX certified oxygen analyser, combined with a nitrogen emission system amongst its equipment: Laminar Barrier TM, offering protection for openings and hatches.
Laminar Barrier TM technology is an efficient method of preventing air from entering reactors, guaranteeing residual oxygen values below 5% (high turbulence systems are not capable of guaranteeing residual oxygen values below 9%).