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Other applications

Catalyst regeneration
The regeneration of spent catalysts is carried out either on-site at the user’s premises or by removal of the spent material and its subsequent disposal.

Gas assisted plastic moulding
SIAD offers solutions for high pressure moulding of special plastics, enabling complex processes and savings on materials. Nitrogen is used as the pressure gas.

Nitrogen in the extrusion and moulding of plastics
Nitrogen gas, used with Laminar Barrier TM technology, removes humidity and oxygen caused by the air in extrusion and moulding processes, bringing significant qualitative improvements to and reducing waste during manufacturing processes. 

Gas Stripping
Nitrogen gas, used as a stripper, provides efficient removal (over 90%) of gases dissolved in liquids with minimal nitrogen consumption.

Ozone for oxidation reactions
Using ozone makes it possible to oxidize organic and inorganic macromolecules which are otherwise difficult to oxidize. It is also used in the treatment of drinking water and effluent as a disinfecting and purification agent.

Oxygen for water purification
Pure oxygen improves the efficiency of biological depuration plants for effluent and SIAD, thanks to the development of the Mixflo® system, is the market leader in planning and project managing the retrofitting of existing plants.