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Pneumatic conveying and blending

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Pneumatic conveying and blending

Combustible materials (Atex codes) 
By using nitrogen gas, it is possible to carry out the pneumatic conveying and mixing of a variety of fine, combustible materials (granular or powder) in safe conditions. What is actually required is for the concentration of oxygen to be maintained below MOC level, which is well defined for different combustible fine materials.

Biodegradable and oxidizing compounds 
When the “shelf life” of the products handled needs be greatly extended, it's necessary to eliminate the oxygen present or to lower its concentration to very small levels.
This is achieved by substituting air with pure nitrogen; in such ideal conditions, many organic remain unaffected with their quality equal to the original: taste, flavour, organoleptic properties all remain intact.

Hygroscopic products
When nitrogen, a moisture-free gas, is used instead of air with hygroscopic products the result, due to its fluidizing potential, is perfect mixing.

Products requiring controlled temperatures 
There are some specific applications, typically in the food sector where, in addition to mixing activities, a requirement to control the temperature of the entire stored mass also exists. In such cases, nitrogen can be introduced in two different physical forms: Nitrogen gas as a source of mechanical energy or liquid nitrogen to decrease and control temperature.