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IBL Mini


IBL Mini

The ideal choice for companies wishing to clean small and medium-sized parts and surfaces.

Daily maintenance or occasional cleaning of manufacturing equipment and electronic components

Requisites relating to compressed air

One of the main advantages of the IBL Mini is that it has been designed to operate using the air supply of the production plant. The majority of production plants is equipped with compressors generating 7 bars of pressure and volumes of air of between 500 and 3,000 liters/min., which are sufficient to obtain the desired result for the majority of cleaning activities carried out with the IBL Mini.

Almost no noise

With the IBL Mini, dry ice blasting can even be performed in an area where other people are working.

Thanks to its low noise level, up to 75 dB, which it reaches when it is fully operational, it also means work can carry on without having to wear hearing protection devices.

Nozzles and flexible hose

The standard flat 3 and 5 mm aluminum nozzles are made for low air flow rates and, combined with the light 3-meter hose with a ½ inch diameter, they provide the operator with great maneuverability.

Easy to carry, maneuver and store

The IBL Mini can easily be loaded into a car or stowed away on a shelf. Thanks to the wheels and hose clip provided, carrying it to its place of use is truly effortless.


• Height (with handle in the lowest position): 610 mm

• Height (with handle in the highest position): 895 mm - Width: 480 mm

• Depth: 550 mm - Weight: 29 kg

• Dry Ice hopper capacity: 8 kg

• Dry Ice Consumption: between 10 and 30 kg/hour

• Dry ice blasting pressure: between 2 and 12 bar

• Dry Ice Dimensions (flat 3 mm nozzle): 2.2 mm or less*

• Dry Ice Dimensions (flat 5 mm nozzle): 3.0 mm or less**

(*) Best cleaning performance levels with air consumption below 1,000 liters/min

(**) Standard industrial pellets used