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Infrared/convection reflow soldering

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Infrared/convection reflow soldering

Adding nitrogen to infrared/convection reflow soldering is a way to improve circuit board assembly.
The solder paste reflows when heated in a controlled nitrogen atmosphere without oxidation. Tests conducted show that the use of nitrogen allows peak reflow temperature to be increased by 77° F (25° C) without degrading board material.
As with nitrogen-inerted wave soldering, the use of nitrogen as a replacement for air in infrared/convection reflow soldering also improves board quality. This is because nitrogen minimises oxidation of all process materials during the reflowing process. Using nitrogen can also:

  • improve wettability of surface mount component leads
  • enhance solderability of a wide variety of components
  • improve joint integrity for critical applications
  • reduce board discolouration
  • eliminate charred flux residues on boards and heating elements
  • reduce formation of white haze from tin/rosin flux oxidation
  • optimize performance of no-clean/low-residue pastes
  • increase the flexibility of the process to accommodate a variety of operating conditions.