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Inert gas blanketing and stripping

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Inert gas blanketing and stripping

Blanketing with inert gas consists in substituting the oxygen present at the top of storage containers with inert nitrogen and carbon dioxide. This technology:

  • counteracts decomposition;
  • helps retain product aroma;
  • increases the shelf-life of the product.

Furthermore, the use of inert gases eliminates the moisture in the atmosphere which, over time, can cause oxidation inside the storage tanks.

Stripping can be considered a cleansing operation for liquid foods or beverages because it eliminates dissolved gases (such as oxygen) and their undesired volatile substances.
By using a special device known as a line stripper, it is possible to introduce gas in the form of micro bubbles. These attach themselves to the oxygen molecules and to the other volatile contaminants and, literally, tear them from the liquid, thus purifying it completely.
It is a normal purification process which does not require chemical additives and affords a series of advantages such as:

  • a longer storage duration for products;
  • the best quality optimization of oils and fats;
  • the elimination of problems linked to oxygen in the plants.