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Liquid nitrogen dripper

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Liquid nitrogen dripper

The dripper is an instrument used in the bottling of beverages, oil, wine, etc.

It is a device located between the filler and the capper/corker and it injects a microscopic drop of liquid nitrogen at the top of the bottle.

This drop will expand by nearly 860 times its original volume during its conversion from liquid to gas.

The use of this dripper provides numerous advantages. Some of which are:

  • the increase in the bottle's mechanical resistance and as a result its top load resistance;
  • the possibility to use a lighter weight material for the bottle (PET or other polymeric materials) and the resulting savings in energy consumption;
  • the inertization of the packaged liquid and an increase in its shelf life.

Numerous beverage companies, as well as oil and wine producers, already employ this application offered by SIAD in conjunction with its partners.