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Macro and micro oxygenation

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Macro and micro oxygenation

Oxygenation is a technique in which an accurately measured amount of oxygen is introduced during certain phases of the wine making process, with the aim of achieving certain results such as encouraging the multiplication of the yeast content or ageing.
Depending on the quantity of oxygen and the amount of time to which it is subjected to oxygenation, the terms Micro and Macro oxygenation are used.
Micro oxygenation consists of an oxygen dose in the amount of 10 ml per litre, for a period of 30 days, starting sometime in the 10 to 30 day period after alcoholic fermentation. The oxygen introduced is gradually absorbed and decreases the reduction phenomena and the formation of undesirable compounds.
Macro oxygenation consists of an oxygen dose in the region of 3 to 5 mg per litre, for a period of one or two days, during the final phase of fermentation. The oxygen allows the yeasts to finish their alcohol fermentation, preventing the production of unpleasant odours and tastes. It helps to restore the phenolics, thereby maintaining the original colour.