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Mixer and blender cooling

The heat created during mixing and blending processes, for example during meat grinding, can produce undesired effects such as accelerated bacteria growth, flavour loss, shorter shelf-life and oily appearance.
The solution to these problems is precise temperature control during the grinding process and this can be achieved by using either carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen.
SIAD has used its experience in carbon dioxide and nitrogen applications to develop effective systems which eliminate heat during the mixing processes. For fast and cost efficient on-site cooling, SIAD provides carbon dioxide snow dispensers which can be adapted to virtually any equipment where temperature control is vital.

Baking Industry
Carbon dioxide chilling has been used for many years in a variety of applications in the baking industry, where speed of chilling together with precise temperature control is important.
Carbon dioxide snow or liquid nitrogen not only preserve the integrity of ingredients such as butter and fats during the production of dough, but also eliminate greasiness while retaining elasticity, thus allowing the products to rise in a consistly uniform manner over time.

Meat Industry
One of the biggest problems facing meat processors is the heat produced during processing, especially in the mixing and grinding cycles, and its adverse effects.
The use of carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen helps to control product quality through more accurate temperature control and to retain the natural colour of the meat, as well as the right level of humidity during the entire working process.