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Solid carbon dioxide during the grape harvest

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Solid Carbon Dioxide during the grape harvest

The use of solid carbon dioxide (CO2), more commonly known as dry ice, plays an essential role:

  • in controlling temperature so as to prevent excessive warming and, therefore, the premature fermentation of the grape, slowing down the whole intra and extra- cellular enzymatic metabolic mechanisms;
  • in creating an inert atmosphere, via the process of sublimation, thereby reducing oxidation and preventing deterioration in the organoleptic characteristics of the wine.


Dry ice can be used, during the grape harvest, in all the phases - from the harvest to the fermentation; the main effect of the treatment is to obtain wines characterised by more intense and complex aromatic notes.
No less important are the benefits on the production process, mainly a reduction in the use of sulphur dioxide as an antioxidant and lower consumption of energy when compared with using mechanical refrigeration.

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