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Developed through the collaboration of SIAD and Almi, Aroma+ is the most important innovation of the recent years in the field of modified atmosphere packaging of food products.

Thanks to the careful combination of food-grade gases and natural aromas, Aroma+ enhances the quality of the products while maintaining their original fragrance unaltered up to the end consumer.

SIAD’s expertise in modified atmosphere packaging and Almi’s in aromas has enabled the patenting of Aroma+: the innovation that enhances the quality of the product, minimizing VOCs that cause bad odors in the packages, regardless of the quality of the raw materials used.



  • Innovation: enhances the fragrances and aromas of quality products.
  • Safety: patented application, the result of years of research with universities and specialized centers.
  • High customization: every mixture of food-grade gases and aromas is customized to enhance the product in a unique way.
  • Quality: does not alter the taste of food products over time and can improve their shelf-life.
  • Conformity: respects the Italian and European food regulations.
  • Flexibility: maximum flexibility and elasticity, thanks to simple and non-invasive installation.
  • Universality: can be used on all products, from fresh pasta to meat, charcuterie and fruit & vegetables IV and V range.


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