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Bakery products

The success of bakery products is highlighted by their presence on our tables and by their consumption throughout the day.
In the beginning, there was only bread. Today, bread comes in various forms and there are also substitutes such as crackers and bread sticks, not to mention all the delicious pastries.
All of these products in their various forms, colours and flavours, have one thing in common: the need to avoid deterioration which is caused by mould, decomposing fats and premature hardening.
This is why modified atmosphere packaging is one of the most used applications in this sector. This method is of great importance for various products, such as low fat or fat free snacks which could be damaged by oxygen.
SIAD's experience shows that this application guarantees to lengthen the shelf-life of the product.
Controlling the temperature of the dough is also an important factor in obtaining and maintaing production with consistant, reproducible levels of quality. If we consider the different elements which make up the dough, we note that they each have different temperatures. First and foremost the flour which is usually one of the ingredients with the highest temperature (about 35°C). It is possible to efficiently cool the dough by using liquid nitrogen, thus obtaining a dough at the desired temperature.
SIAD is in a position to supply many other applications to the bakery industry, as well as the indepth experience it has acquired over the years in this sector.

Bakery products

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Bakery products

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