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Beer, both alcoholic and non alcoholic, is without doubt one of the most loved and consumed drinks in the world. It is therefore essential that the producer carries out special quality control checks of the raw materials used - malt, water, yeast - in order to guarantee all the features of this refreshing drink.
One of the most important phases in the production of beer is the fermenting process, which occurs after the boil and the insertion of hops in special tanks. At the beginning of this phase, the yeast, due to the presence of oxygen which is piped into the tank, is at its most potent.
However, once fermentation has started and the required alcohol level has been reached, the oxygen is eliminated from the storage tanks in order to avoid undesired biochemical degradation and to prolong the length of preservation. To this end, beer producers are increasingly using new techniques which require specific gases.
A concrete example involves the concentration produced by the fermenting process which needs to be diluted with "oxygen free" water. The oxygen can be removed from the water by a stripping process which uses an inert gas such as nitrogen.
Carbon dioxide also plays an important role in beer production by aiding the dispensing pressure of certain beers in kegs and by improving the stability and density of the foam. Furthermore, it is being increasingly used to enhance the effervescent quality of this exceptional drink.


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