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Milk, in addition to being an essential element in human nutrition, is also a raw material for various types of cheese and other foods.
It is however a highly perishable product.
In the case of the cheese industry in particular, one of the main factors which could compromise the shelf-life of a product is the growth of unwanted mould.
In order to avoid this phenomenon and, more generally, to increase the distribution of dairy products, it is possible to use SIAD gases and mixtures. These represent a valid alternative to traditional preservatives, chemical additives and enzymes, which, among other things, can even cause food intolerances in some cases.
Carbon dioxide is an example of one of the gases used. Already present in milk, it is a potent antimicrobial agent, and when used in dairy products, it increases shelf-life by preserving the flavour and the cellular structure, and by reducing the need for natural and artificial preservatives.


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