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Fish products

Fish and fish products in general occupy an important place in human nutrition given their high nutritional value.
By "fish products", we mean fish, shellfish (prawn, lobster, crab) and mollusks (mussels, clams, cuttlefish, squid, octupus). These foodstuffs are natural sources of minerals such as selenium, which is indispensable for the correct functioning of the thyroid, as well as high quality protein. They also supply important saturate and polyunsaturate fats such as omega 3.
It is for these reasons that international organisations operating in the area of health and nutrition recommend the consumption of fish at least twice a week as a natural protection against tumours and cardiovascular disease.
One of the main problems of the fish industry is guaranteeing the quality and integrity of these products which are highly perishable and subject to contamination.
The solution to this problem is the use of SIAD technology, gases and mixtures.
For example, SIAD has developed different applications in the area of packaging in modified atmosphere which take into consideration the different length of preservation required, based on the amount of fat in the various species of fish. They also allow the cold chain, which plays an important role in this sector, to be maintained.
It is possible to say that the use of gas gives added value to fish products. Their organoleptic properties are preserved and enhanced and, what's more, an image of freshness, cleaniness and modernity is transmitted to the end consumer.

Fish products

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