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Ham and cold cuts
Ham and cold cuts

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Ham and cold cuts

It is really true: you do not throw any part of the pig away!
Ham and cold cuts have conquered tables all over the world thanks to their flavour and nutritional properties. Their versatility allows them to be used in various dishes, in everything from a sandwich to a gourmet dish. Nowadays, in addition to the usual packaged meat made of pig meat, there are also tasty variations containing other sources such as game.
In Italy love of this range of products translates into an annual production of 30 million tonnes of ham and approximately 1.162 million tonnes of cold cuts, with a turnover of about €8 billion for 28 types of cold cuts with PDO or PGI status. This is the reason that producers, in addition to using high quality raw materials, are very careful in safeguarding their products from contact with oxygen which causes loss of colour and decomposition.
In order to avoid this and other changes in the product, it is possible to use SIAD gases and applications specially aimed at the packaged cold meats and ham industry.
These include: modified atmosphere packaging which increases the shelf-life of the product, thereby widening its distribution network; control of temperature in order to maintain the cold chain; and the purification of water effluent from the process.

Ham and cold cuts

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