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Ice cream

Some like fruit flavours, some cream, but the reality is that ice cream is a passion for all ages! Both adults and children lose themselves in that sweet, fresh and creamy pleasure which melts in their mouths.
Over the last few years, industrial and artisan production of ice cream has experienced a boom in sales in both the national and internation markets. On average, a person consumes an estimated 15kg per year, which means a business worth over €5 billion in Italy alone. It is usually eaten as a dessert, even if ice cream constitutes a highly nutritious foodstuff which provides vitamins, protein, mineral salts and fats.
In order to guarantee the excellence of this unique product, ice cream producers pay great attention to the quality of each ingredient used in their production lines. Consumers, for their part, are increasingly demanding and expect a product which will satisfy not only their sweet tooth, but also their desire for naturalness.
SIAD supplies solutions for the entire ice cream production line, with dedicated gases and mixtures capable of refrigerating the product without compromising its flavour.
Liquid nitrogen is unquestionably the most important gas in the ice cream industry, and today, more than ever, it is used to ensure the immediate cooling of the ingredients. The result is an incredibly soft and creamy ice cream. 
Another possible application relates to the immersion of a stick of ice cream in liquid nitrogen in order to obtain the best chocolate covering possible. In this instance, the nitrogen acts as a "bond" in order to ensure the ice creams remains creamy and in tact.

Ice cream

Ice cream

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