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Oil has always played a vital role in cooking throughout the world and, in particular, in the mediterranean diet.
Europe has the highest consumption of olive oil of all the continents.
Italy, in second place in the classification of European olive oil producers, has a national average production of over 6 million cwt, two-thirds of which is extra virgin, and has 37 PDO designations recognised by the European Union.
But the characteristics of olive oil are not limited to flavour and aroma! Olive oil is a real panacea for health: it contains antioxidants which countereffect the damage done by free radicals, and helps to reduce cholesterol thanks to the presence of "good" monounsaturated fats.
In order for olive oil to retain its unmistakable golden-green colour, taste, lightness and aroma, all of which are requisite characteristics of high quality oil, it is essential to use SIAD gasesthroughout the product process, from storage immediately after the harvest, to bottling. It is important to eliminate any trace of oxygen in every phase in order to avoid oxidation of the product.


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