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Ready to eat meals

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Ready to eat meals

Nowadays, the pace of life is frenetic and time has become even more precious.
The food industry has tried to reflect these new life styles by offering an alternative to those people who lack time to spend in the kitchen.
About 8 million Italians consume ready to eat meals, not only between the domestic walls but also outside of the home, in bars for example.
Using this necessity as a starting point, many companies have exploited the opportunity to expand their businesses with the production of frozen, ready to eat foods and /or packaging in modified atmosphere.
To this end, SIAD has developed efficient and targeted solutions which require the use of gases and mixtures to effectively meet the objectives and requirements of this sector.
Through the use of gas and innovative technologies, it is possible to lengthen the shelf-life of food which in the past had to be consumed within one or, maximum, two days.
In addition, it is possible to reduce the temperature of food products by using gas to freeze them very quickly, thereby preserving all the organoleptic qualities of a recently cooked dish.

Ready to eat meals

Ready to eat meals

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