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Water and soft drinks

Water and soft drinks

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Water and soft drinks

The mineral water and soft drink industry is never hit by recession! And, in this sector, the contribution of the SIAD group has no equal.

SIAD designs systems which, with the supply of liquid nitrogen in micro drops, aid mechanical resistance and the top loading of bottles. Furthermore, SIAD supplies carbon dioxide (E290) for the carbonation of natural water and drinks in general.

SIAD markets the SIAD brand, ISpring,which is characterized by the domestic carbonation of water and drinks.

SIAD Macchine Impianti designs and produces ultra-performing and reliable compressors for blow moulding machines able to mould bottles with low energy consumption.

Energy drinks and milkshakes, whose image is based on having low levels of preservatives, are becoming increasingly more prominent in the soft drink sector. Oxidation in these products may not only compromise their commercial existence but also irreversibly damage their nutritional properties; for example, it may spoil the vitamins contained in these drinks.
SIAD has a solution to this problem: it is the air that we breathe, from which gases and gas mixtures are derived and through which shelf-life is increased without compromising the quality and nature of the product.

Water and soft drinks

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