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Wine and spirits

SIAD food gases have wide-ranging application in wine fermentation processes.
Their rapid and extensive diffusion amongst wine-makers derives from the marked benefits which can be gained where these products are used: from improvements in the organoleptic characteristics of wine to the enhancement of the personality of some varietals, from the protection of the product during all the phases of the wine making process, to efficiency during the production process itself.


Gases used in oenology

The use of food-grade gases offers best exploitation of the qualitative potential of the grapes and drastic reduction in the use of sulfur dioxide in wine¬making. Depending on its characteristics, each gas (carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon and oxygen) has a specific place in the various processing phases.

Carbon dioxide is used from the vine to fermentation in order to:

  • refrigerate the grapes, crushed grapes and must;
  • prevent the absorption of oxygen from the air;
  • remove oxygen absorbed during harvesting, transport, crushing and pressing.

Nitrogen and argon are used from fermentation to bottling in order to:

  • remove dissolved oxygen, operating in tanks and in tubing during wine handling;
  • protect wine during filling, permanence and emptying of the tanks;
  • transfer wine by thrust (pushing), without the aid of pumps;
  • bottle wine in the absence of oxygen.

Oxygen is used for micro and macro-oxygenation and wastewater treatment.

Wine and spirits

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