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SIAD and the organic market

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SIAD and the organic market

The success experienced by organic companies over the last few years is testament to the fact that the market is willing to pay a higher price for natural products with low levels of chemical additives or preservatives.
Organic foodstuffs stand out because they are produced by using only natural substances, without employing any man made substances.
And nothing is more natural than the air we breathe! Even atmospheric air is a raw material in the gases and mixtures SIAD supplies to various sectors of the food and beverage industry.
Obviously, nature is also the common denominator between the applications that SIAD offers the food industry. The most notable is packaging in a modified atmosphere. This application uses gases and mixtures in different percentages based on the properties of the food to be packaged. It has a sole objective: to increase the shelf-life of the products without compromising quality, and all in the most natural way!