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User manual for oxygen-reducing valves

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Manuale d'uso valvole riduttrici ossigeno

The information in this page are dedicated exclusively to the workers and professionals of the field. 

Given the adoption of the European Regulation on Instructions for the electronic use of Medical Devices (no. 207/2012), published in the Journal of 9 March 2012 and effective from 1 March 2013, SIAD herein advises that for simplification purposes, it has decided to adhere to the conditions set out in Article 5 of the same, in which the instructions for use of Medical Devices can be provided in electronic form, replacing the paper version.

The Regulation only applies to active implantable Medical Devices, and in Art. 3, it is to be considered directly applicable in Italian regulations and does not require directives, legislation or implementing decrees.

Hence, the following is the downloadable User Manual for oxygen-reducing valves used by SIAD. 

VIPROXY valve use and maintenance instructions (Last updated: 08/2016)