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Flux Cored Arc Welding

Flux Cored Arc Welding is very similar to MIG-MAG Welding the only difference being the electrode wire. 

In fact, in this process the electrode is a tubular wire containing a flux “core” made up of chemical elements with the propensity to increase productivity and the quality of the process itself.

The chemical-physical characteristics of this flux result in high metallurgical and mechanical properties similar to those found in processes using shielding electrodes.

Thanks to the use of protective gas mixtures, flux cored welding is today widely used in a variety of sectors:

Thanks to extensive experience in the area of continuous wire welding, SIAD is able to provide its own clients with the gas mixtures researched and tested in tandem with the various equipment manufacturers, all of which have become part of the Stargas® line. 

The correct protective gas mixture makes it possible to stabilise the arc and to regulate the method of metal transfer, optimising productivity, which is the principal characteristic of this process, avoiding useless spatter and welding rejects.